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You deserve to have positive mental health. You already have resilience in you, let's enhance it.

warr;or21 is a journey to increase both. Stop waiting for the perfect day, make today the right day to start.

This is the way, onward warr;ors!

The warr;or21 book has been released on Lulu.com: 
Buy paperback book [HERE] and
the ebook [HERE].

Now also available on Amazon.com:
Buy paperback book [
HERE] and
the Kindle version [HERE].

ABOUT Warr;or21

The warr;or21 program is 21 days of various practices to increase your resilience and enhance your mental health. The daily practices are guided by a different keyword each day that includes a short article, a reflection practice based on the keyword, a morning breathing exercise, and an evening gratitude practice. Each is designed to take only a few minutes and help build your resilience and increase your mental health.

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