About warr;or21

warr;or21 is a 21-day program originally designed for first responders and now adapted for the public to enhance resilience and mental health. The program entails daily practices to build inner strength supported by research. For each day, the participant is presented with a keyword (examples include grit, calm, empathy, adapt, and gratitude) to guide them with the practices. The daily practice includes the following:


  • A keyword

  • A quote related to the keyword

  • Five minutes of controlled breathing exercises

  • A short reading detailing the importance of the keyword

  • A reflection for the day on the reading and keyword

  • An evening gratitude practice (a small notebook is provided)


warr;or21 takes into account the busy life of the participant regardless of their age or profession. The daily practices take only between 10-15 minutes. Previous participants included government officials, law enforcement officers, doctors, students, athletes, executives, and more. Over the course of the 21 days, the four pillars of resilience are emphasized throughout the program:


  1. Awareness: Understanding the basics of psychology and its impact on your daily life as well as controlled breathing.

  2. Wellness: Both mental and physical health.

  3. Purpose: Goals that are for the self and also serving a greater good.

  4. Positivity: Having a positive outlook and relationships, realistic optimism, and expressing    gratitude.  

warr;or21 provides the participant with an opportunity to become more effective at their at their work and it importantly provides them with practices to be more positive, calmer, better management and controlling of their emotions, and being happier in their lives. There is nothing “soft” about those terms either. Quality of life is important and it is something everyone deserves regardless of their age or employment.


Participants receive a small warr;or21 notebook and each morning the participants receive an email detailing the practice for the day. The warr;or21 program is in development to be a book that will be available on Amazon.com and other outlets.