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warr;or21 book launched!

Now available on

Buy paperback book [HERE]

Kindle version [HERE]

Also available on Lulu:

[Purchase the paperback warr;or21 book here]

[Purchase the ebook of warr;or21 here]

We all experience daily stressors, crisis events, and struggles at work and in life. Regardless of our chosen profession or age, there is one certainty. Each day offers an opportunity to help others and protect and enhance our well-being. Within a twenty-one day journey supported by extensive research, Dr. Jeff Thompson shares insight into how to effectively manage thinking, calm the mind, and build resilience and mental strength while developing short daily practices that promote a better, happier lifestyle.


While addressing the pillars of awareness, wellness, purpose, and positivity, each daily practice includes a keyword and related quote, a morning breathing exercise, a short article with a brief reflection on the keyword, and an evening gratitude practice. Each practice is connected and designed to take just ten to fifteen minutes in total to complete, and encourages participants to set smaller goals to achieve larger goals.


warr;or21 is a twenty-one day guide to establishing daily practices and positive coping habits to persevere through challenges, overcome roadblocks, and attain better overall health and well-being.

Purchase the book from here.

Now also available on Buy the paperback book [HERE] and

the Kindle version [HERE].

Feedback from people who read the book and participated in the program:

  1. The best thing I could have ever done for myself.

  2. In a matter of a short time, you get to know yourself better.

  3. I would describe it as an introduction to a new way of thinking in order to strengthen your mental health. For me, it served as a reminder of just how resilient I am. Plus I learned a lot.

  4. When doing the breathing exercises, it's makes me stop and think in all the small things in life that we have and often don't appreciate.

  5. The warr;or21 program provided many insights about how I approach life and the many interactions. It really helped me to reset my mindset which led to more positive thinking and helped me to be more intentional.

  6. This program has helped me become stronger, more positive, and smarter. I really enjoyed the breathing practices and reading the articles everyday was great.

  7. It gave me a fresh start. I am now controlling my thoughts and feelings better. I'm actually remembering to pause, breathe and get distance from my thoughts and emotions - and this has been revolutionary for me. It's a line in the sand - myself before the course and myself after the course.

  8. It meant a lot to me. It coincided with challenging times and gave me perspective.

  9. I would describe as a way to get mentally stronger and smarter. Learning about this can help you in your life. It meant a lot to me. It has helped me mature and understand more about living in a positive way.

  10. I enjoyed reading about the new word and how I could identify with it and learn from it. Reading others comments helped put some of my feelings into perspective.

  11. The breathing exercises helped me execute my workouts much better.

  12. Well researched information- supported with accessible references, easily translatable to daily use.

Available on

Buy the paperback book [HERE] and

the Kindle version [HERE].

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