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With all of us experiencing the tough times of COVID-19 and other life-struggles, I have no problem making this class free. I am nearly done with the book version of warr;or21 that I hope will be also out in time for the holiday season. 


Here's a bit more on the program:


I have already done this program with 18 classes already in 2020 and two research studies have been published on the program. The feedback has been very positive: 



The program is run on Google Classroom (you need a gmail account, if you don't have one it's free and takes less than two minutes to create one and you never have to use it again). The program runs Monday to Friday for 21 days and each day the practices take less that 15 minutes. 


You get a daily alert from me through the Google Classroom app (make sure to enable notifications) with the following:

  • A keyword for the day

  • A quote

  • 5 minutes of a controlled breathing practice

  • A short article detailing the science and practical use of the keyword

  • A reflection for the day based on the article

  • An evening gratitude practice


The program is very much an individual journey yet you'll be taking it at the same time as others. The get the most out of it, I highly encourage you to participate by sharing your thoughts and perspective throughout the journey on the app while also offering replies to others. 

So, if you're ready, register below!

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