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Day Zero

“Stop waiting for the perfect day. Make today the right day to start.”

Quote created while developing warr;or21



Before you can begin, you have to have a negotiation with yourself. Really, you need to make a deal and it is with yourself and no one else. This takes a level of trust and if you are this far into warr;or21, it means we have a developed some level of trust already (thank you) and you are willing to try some things, most likely things that you have never tried before.


Thank you.


Thank you for already pushing yourself and venturing outside your comfort zone. That is where real growth occurs. As you will read on Day 16, it is all about perspective. One person can view this as daunting and scary, yet the person with grit (Day 4 by the way) sees that anxiety more as an opportunity and a challenge that is ready to be taken on.


Remember, all I am asking you to do, especially if something feels odd, uncomfortable, or even silly, is to try it. Trust me why I am asking you to try it. From that mindset and perspective, let us move onto the first practice.




You will need a notebook as part of your 21-day journey. The notebook is needed for your reflections and your daily evening gratitude practices. Keep the notebook with you throughout the day to keep track of your thoughts or any ideas that come to mind too.


You can use any small notebook that you choose. This book can also be used as the notebook. In the back of the book are pages numbered for you to write down your daily practices. In the back of the book are also the breathing practices.


When you write down your gratitude practice for each day, always start on a new page on the right side of the notebook (not the left side pages of the notebook).


Practice #1: It’s time to make a deal


Start with the first page of your notebook or if you are using this book, go to the page in the back titled “Day Zero.” You are going to make a deal with yourself by writing down one of the following two options on the paper. Write down either “I can” or “I can’t.”

Yes, really.


Write one of them down on the first page of your notebook on the first line. You just made a deal with yourself. When things get busy, which they will, you will make a choice in either sticking with this warr;or21 journey or you will be sure to find an excuse not to do it.

If you write down “I can” you will figure out a way to do it. If you write down nothing and do not do the exercise or if you write “I can’t” you will figure out ways to let things get in the way.


Trust me, you can do this. No matter who you are, I believe in you. You have the strength to do this as you already got this far. If you tell yourself you can do this, I truly believe you will be able.

Every day you open your notebook and see the first page, you will be inspiring yourself to push forward. You are becoming your biggest advocate and supporter. You just made a deal with yourself and no one else knows about it. That said, I have faith in you. You got this!


Practice #2: Have a Goal


I often say in negotiation trainings that “Negotiation 101” tells us to have a goal while “Negotiation 201” reminds us we need a plan to achieve that goal. Well, warr;or21 is the plan and pathway—this is the way. Before you begin it though, you have to have goal. Ask yourself, what is your overall goal for participating in warr;or21?


This is your goal and therefore there is no right or wrong answer as it is completely up to you. It can be anything that you hope to achieve for you.


Keep in mind, this journey is about you and not anyone else. And so, world peace, as admirable as it is as a goal, is not the purpose of this journey. Something more like feeling a little bit calmer, happier or just feeling a bit better about you are something in the realm of this journey. Write your goal (you can have a few) on the first page (or “Day Zero” of this book) of your notebook. Write “GOALS” and then list it below. Now every time you open your notebook during these 21 days (and beyond) you are reminded by why you are doing this. If you need to, you can come back during the journey to modify these goals as well.

Now you have officially started your warr;or21 journey. Congratulations on demonstrating your inner strength and commitment. For Day 1 and each day, make sure to try and start your practice in the morning, as soon after you wake up. For some doing all of the practices first thing in the morning won’t be possible for a variety of reasons. Again, if possible all I ask is try. Try to do the breathing practices first thing in the morning at the very least. See you tomorrow and again, remember—You got this!


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